9 Feb 2011

Seems like a good investment.

Makes the forts in portsmouth harbour look like giant bits of concrete...hang on!

Next painting.

Probably about 20 more layers to go!

Today, winter seemed like it was leaving me.

I have no idea where I'm going with this?

And I hate green cars...


The movement in this is brilliant! Cant find the artist, DAMN!

Over running!

Seeeeeeet jesus!

If only this could translate into a tattoo

Kids, dont do drugs.....

Summer holidays and Bewitched freaking rock my 15 year old world!

Damn straight

Probably one reason why my mum got me Maxim magazine.

When I was a kid...

I freaking loved gum in packets with stickers and plastic helmets ! This is not them, but reminds me of my former crack addiction!

Anyone for fancy dress?

Too styled

The lines and curves are insane!

Marvel girl Vs Lizard monster

Again with the subconscious.

Way back when I was like all "whatever" I use to help myself out by putting stuff in a box so one day I could go "Thats where I got that idea from". Love studios 2000 sometime.

That bottom drawer...

Sleazenation circa 98. Guess that style stayed in my head.
Cheers Trevor Pattison.

Sketch book scan

Started the long process of a sketch book page on my website!Yeaaaah time!

5 Feb 2011

8 Jan 2011

When you forget your password you dont update for a while.....

Loads of work to update but here's a lil'sumtin sumtin to watch the growth of...

29 Jun 2010

Creative Review Illustrators annual

Seems my work got selected! Sweeeet!!!

20 Feb 2010

New painting

First of a new direction.
100 x 100cm canvas
Spray paint
Posca paint pens
Mixed paint

Could be yours....

7 Jan 2010

The new steed

Hand built in Poland by Mr Orlowski.

My last like this for......

A while as switching to analog and acrylic for new ventures.

Happy TwENty

3D tee...

That I never got made, but still like a little....

AW09 clear-out